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I have put in for a pick up on the 6th of Oct. gave all the info and advised I have no label here at the hotel.

well when ups came they did not bring a label nor did they pick up the package. I had to call customer service and after the runaround with the agent I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was put on hold for more than 5 min then they hung up.

I realize they are a big company but they are not the only one. I at this time really don't want to use UPS cause of the service they provided

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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I used to have a retail store that made mosaics, the UPS delivery guy, used to think it funny to literally drop my packages on the floor at my door and kick them across the carpet to me! So skip forward a decade, and I want to ship 2 antique Chinese solid panels 4"x6' to my son as a wedding gift (NY to SF)....So I bubble wrapped them and then put a shipping blanket and more bubble wrap plus strapping tape and take it to the UPS service desk. The guy I know there, who over the years has been very helpful, was asked if he thought it was wrapped well enough to ship 3,000 miles safely... responded emphatically assuring me that YES it was!!! arrived at my son's house literally in splinters and dust! AND feeling secure in my having assurances that it was safe DIDN'T THINK TO INSURE IT!!!!!!!!

Upon making a claim, I was asked for the original sales receipt&%%#$@# NOT...I bought it 10 years ago at an NYC flea market for about $500. SO I found an authority in Chinese antique imports and she appraised it from photographs at about $1500 and gave me a letter. I also found an antique dealer who had a small section very similar to my panel for sale at $250 who told me that UPS is told to reject ALL claims at least 3 times to hopefully get rid of the I continued to pursue UPS. Then I got a check for $100 to settle the claim...and I know that if I cash it, the case is closed!..and my husband who is a lawyer, tells me to save my breath...BUT I"M PISSED and don't want them to get away with destroying shipments!!!

Similar story, with a better outcome...Once I had a car that was in a flood in a subterranean garage...the insurance were adamant about fixing it. Then I got a call from the repair shop saying that it was going to take a little longer to fix because it had caught fire while being repaired!!! THEN I REALLY didn't want it! So I wrote a letter to the President of the insurance company, copied the State's Insurance Commissioner and anyone else I thought should hear about it...I got a call within 2 days and was asked what I would settle for, so gave them the cost of the car (Porsche) included the cost of a rental for a month and they were out the next day to personally hand me a check for the FULL amount requested.

Should I not cash the check and continue by writing letters to every executive in UPS in the hopes of getting a better financial resolution???..or cash the $100 check and forget it and insure absolutely everything I send through UPS in the future?????...because they really are the only game in town.


Let me get this straight you call the UPS Call Center to arrange for a pick-up on a package that has no label then you depended on a operator to get all your info issue a label get it to the center that covers your area in time for to be picked up the next day. Then you leave your package with the hotel clerk I am betting the evening clerk with no label on it (I know the clerk said he would put a note on it) and it does not get picked up.

That has to be the shock of all shocks. Lets see the call center operator only handles about 40 to 50 calls an hour and you are giving three address, yours the recipient and the hotels no chance for a screw up there.

Then you rely on a hotel clerk to give it to the driver and probably not the same clerk you gave it to not the smartest move there and then you want a driver who has 150 to 200 stops a day to pick up your package so if a driver did come into the hotel ask for the package and the hotel clerk states no I have no package with a UPS Label on it I don’t think he is going to investigate what’s going on he’s on his way to the next stop.

I just got one question where can I file a complaint against Namalumoonshine

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