I shipped an electronic organ from Concord, NC to San Antonio, TX through UPS. The instrument was in two cartons with the keyboards and electronics crated in 1/4" plywood and the speaker base with attached pedals in double corrugated cardboard.

The UPS terminal accepted my cartons, charged insurance fees for the value I declared and charged special handling fees for each package. When the cartons arrived in San Antonio, there was a large hole in the wood carton and multiple dents in the cardboard box. Obviously, the shipment was subject to severe jolting as there were severe dents in the organ cabinet, and a 20-pound transformer had broken away from its mounting plate and ruined the power supply board and master processor. There was severe damage to the upper keyboard making it worthless.

UPS, in a gesture of "good will," offered a refund of fees which I refused. UPS claims no responsibility for the damage claiming they recommended that I allow them to re-package the items (nobody spoke or implied that to me). If they thought the items might be damaged in shipping, why did they accept the items, insure them, and charge special handling fees?

That's like selling life insurance to someone in hospice care!

I'm still searching for some ethical resolution to settle my loss. Meanwhile, I'll use other shippers and I suggest reader's do the same.

Crushed in Concord

Monetary Loss: $1250.

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If it can't take a 5ft drop, it's not packaged well enough. Should've been shipped by freight, just saying


Dear Anonymous,

I work for a UPS Center, what I can tell you is that when the customer counter accepts pkgs they will often not ask you if/how you packed your box. They will simply take it, scan it and place it on the belt.

At any point did you tell them you were shipping a Electric Organ and needed help. You might have gotten dumb founded looks. But someone might have been able to help you further up the line. If the pick up was done at your house, then the driver might have been able to provide better insight on the matter.

In reguards to the box you shipped it in, what you have to remember is your box is one of about 10,000 on a single trailer. Bear in mind that there are all sorts of poles, heavy boxes and other miscellaneous things that could have punctured your box. The trailers usually don't have shelves on them and everything is just laid in there.

A good rule of thumb when shipping is to take a picture of the pkg outside the box and inside the box.

This way if damage does happen you can forward these images to our claims department showing you did not cause the damage. Now if you have these pkgs I would give the 1-800-PICK-UPS another call. Give them your tracking number and explain to them what happened. Tell them you have pictures of before in and out of the box, (having a time stamp on your camera helps also) and explain/demand that they send that concern in.

Have a good day.