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The location is California, not Washington. I don't know why it says that.:P

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About a week ago I ordered some books from Amazon for my school, unfortunately when they came in Thursday afternoon, one of them had pages that were upside down and backwards, so I had to make a notice to return it and get an exchange. That was very easy and took about 10 mins, and afterwards I had a message from Amazon saying UPS would be here to pick up the package within 2-5 days.

So today, Friday, when the UPS man showed up just minutes after I had returned from practice I was a bit shocked. It had hardly been a day and seeing as I had work and other responsibilities, I hadn't the time to get packing tape to tape the box back up yet. It took me a couple seconds to get to the door (no longer than a minute, however). And when I did get to the door, the UPS man was just getting in his car and picking up a clip board. But, he looked up and saw me and started to get out of the car with a somewhat annoyed face. This is how the conversation went,

Me: Hi. Are you here to pick up a return package?

UPS Driver: Well, I *was*, but you weren't answering the door!

Me: (confused on his tone and attitude) ...sorry. I'll be right back I need to grab the package. (returns with the package and is not sure if the driver is going to have me put the sticker on the box or if he is going to do it).

UPS Driver: Is it taped? (grabs box, annoyed) Oh, *of course* not. *Why* would it be???

Me: I'm sorry, can I just put the return sticker over the crack? (it was a fairly small box)

UPS Driver: No, it *has* to go over the *old* sticker.

Me: (Trying not to anger the man any further) Oh... is there any way that I could just drop it off at a mail center or in the mail box after I tape it, then?

UPS Driver: No... (even more annoyed) I'll just do it when I get back to the center. Here's your receipt. (Peels sticker and puts it on box, then hands me the sticker trash) Throw this away for me. (Walks away)

Me: Thanks...

This is possibly the *worst* and I mean, WORST customer service I have ever received! If you could have been there to hear the attitude this man had, you would be completely appalled. I plan to find a way to file a complaint, because I can't believe any working person gets paid to talk to a customer this way. To top it off, with the way the guy talked to me, I'm nervous how he will handle my (untaped) package!! If it returns to Amazon messed up, I will have to pay for it along with the new copy./:

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Pick Up Service.

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Sorry to hear that your UPS driver had a slight attitude with you. Your story actually sounds eerily similar to a exchange I had with a customer (I am also a UPS driver). Are you perhaps in Northern California? I was having a rough day and was bit behind on starting my residential deliveries. One of the stops I had to do a pick up from a residence much like yours. I arrive, knock at the door, no answer. So I write out an entire info notice, slap it on the door and hop back in the truck when the customer opens the door. Much like your story, the customer asks if I was there for a pickup. I answered almost exactly like you said the driver did 'I was, but you weren't answering' (which was true, because it took me about two minutes to write the info on the back of the call tag and the info notice). So the customer asks if I can wait while she gets the package. I answer 'sure' not excited that I have to wait even longer because I was already behind. Then she brings the package to the door. Mind you, I had already picked up two other returns and both of those weren't taped up. Usually I wonder silently in my mind if it's taped up. But after the first two I actually said it out loud 'is it taped?'. It wasn't and much like your driver I say 'no it's not, why would it be?'. She recommends the exact same thing you did, to use the call tag sticker as tape. But like this UPS driver told you, it HAS to go over the old label. Otherwise, the package could end up being delivered right back to you. I tell her I'll just tape it up when I get back to the building. Then I hand her the call tag receipt that has the tracking info for the package. The only difference in our stories is that I never give the garbage from the call tag sticker to the customer unless THEY offer to throw it away.

Anyhow, all I'm saying is to just keep in mind that the driver might not be having a good day. I know we're supposed to be professionals but we are still human. There's no excuse for rudeness, yes, but don't be so disappointed when they aren't always extra cheerful.

Seriously, are you in Northern California? Story sounded WAY too similar for me to not comment. If you are that same person, I apologize, and hope that hearing it from my perspective gives you more insight into why the interaction went the way it did.


Ignoring the other comment, I would complain. No, you are not the only customer that is very true.

But it's never okay to be rude with a client, that's extremely unprofessional. I work with kids, and it's not okay for me to be rude and sarcastic with them.

Also, not a big UPS fan myself. So I'm on your side.


Really FedEX4Eva, you don't like UPS? Not a shock.

I'm not really defending the driver as much as I'm saying it's a petty complaint (granted this is a complaint website!) The packages are supposed to be ready to go, taped up, packed and then they just slap the label on it! That's why the driver was pissed-off.


Good lord people, why do you think UPS drivers are only waiting on you and no one else? They have to get to 300 other people, most deliveries and a few pick-ups.

They can't wait there for 5+ minutes for you to get it ready. The fact that he stayed there after he already got in his truck is amazing.

The box is supposed to be ready to go, only stick the label on it.

His "attitude" probably wasn't that bad anyways. When it comes to peoples attitude, consumers are worse than businesses most of the time!