Okay so i am home sick today. It is a fairly decent day so i sat on the porch and watched my dogs.

I apparently hadn't heard the doorbell ring, so i look inside, finding the UPS driver looking into my window. He saw me and made the look like" Are you ***?". By the way, I'm only 13.

Aren't UPS guys supposed to deliver even if people aren't there? So i answer the door and I say "Sorry I was watching my dogs." He replied with a rool to his eyes, made me sign then left.

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If it comes in broken, it was most likely delivered via UPS!


"UPS guys" would love to deliver your residential packages when you aren't home; but unfortunately, the shipper used the "Signature required" option so that the delivery driver would have had to make potentially 3 delivery attempts before sending it back to the shipper.

God forbid someone gives you a rude "eye roll," get over yourself. If you're only 13 I can only imagine what you will be like later on down the road.

Their job isn't easy and unfortunately, they can't sit on their porch for hours on end watching their dogs... they have a job to do and a scheduled route to keep.


Why did you post this twice you *** tool?

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