New Orleans, Louisiana

Today as I returned home from grocery shopping a RUDE UPS driver was blocking my space (which CLEARLY had my apartment # on it) as well as other parking spaces. I rolled down my window and could hear talking and realized driver was in the truck. I blew the horn and he came out and immediately had an attitude. I asked him

to please move and he stated he wasn't and that he didn't know it was my spot. I said well now you do please don't block me and move. He said he wasn't going to and proceeded to carry two boxes in his hand. When I pulled out my phone he began to TELL Me the number to call in a complaint and said he didn't GIVE A ***. He clearly had NO fear of consequences regarding his behavior and went about his rude way. After taking his time and delivering his packages he returned.

NOT ONCE did he apologize but hopped in his truck and started it but then another driver (whom he hollered out MARK) pulled up and he

got OUT OF HIS TRUCK AGAIN and proceeded to talk to Mark while STILL BLOCKING MY SPACE. He meant he truly didn't give a ***.

His blatant disrespect when so many people LONG for a good job is mind baffling. I cannot believe UPS has someonelike this representing YOUR company. I am very embarrassed for your agency at this point and I'd bet he's behaved this way on many occasions (he was just too comfortable with his I don't give a *** attitude).

He was rude, sexist, intimidating (I feel certain had I been a man he wouldn't have been so obnoxious) and unprofessional. My young son and sister were in the car with me and each of us felt THREATENED

and unsure as to what this man might do he was so very ANGRY!!

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I call BS, you weren't threatened because you were so bold as to take multiple pics, oddly enough there wasn't anyone in the pics, the driver or this Mark, you are probably just a spoiled liberal feminist that thinks packages are magically delivered by the tooth fairy


why not wait a few mins and let the guy or lady do their job.


UPS Drivers are trash... lower than...


Where did you want him to park? in front of someone elses spot?

just not yours, right? Everybody is only worried about themselves these days.


You should have tucked him up. I know my daughter and I would have.


Sexist?Please *** you whiner, he was definitely rude but saying he is sexist is a wild assumption people like you is what makes people dislike feminists.


I usually let the air out of their tires when they block an entrance. After a few times of road service calls they usually get the idea.


LOL Wow I guess your really showing them huh? Make them get paid to sit on their *** eh?

Better yet I hope someone catches you doing that, who would be laughing now? lol Dumb ***


I would not have bothered calling UPS, I would have called local police and had him ticketed.


The police rarely give UPS tickets just as they don't give trash men or school buses tickets. This is a commercial vehicle doing its job.

The cops have better things to do. But, if by chance the UPS guy DOES get a parking ticket, the company pays for it, not the driver.

It's a billion dollar company. They do not sweat the little things like this.