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The door was answered pretty quickly when the delivery man knocked at about 7pm est.

He then told me, "You have 3 more packages so follow me to the truck." and shoved one of the boxes with his foot at me. I was not wearing shoes and the package stubbed my toe. I was just wearing a lightweight t-shirt and shorts and it felt like 30 degrees outside but he already turned around towards the truck.

When I stood there flabbergasted, he came back and ordered (with a smile) "Get your packages."

"Excuse me?!" I couldn't help but raise my voice. "Isn't it your JOB to actually deliver the packages?" We exchanged words for a minute or so before he caved in and went to get the other packages. I asked for his name to report him but he wouldn't give it.

I've never had any issues with UPS when I lived in Philadelphia but ever since I moved to Virginia, all the drivers had been mediocre. I let slide the fact that a large, heavy package marked FRAGILE was slid down the stairs to a SLAM in front of my apartment door. Sure enough, a piece was broken and a replacement had to be sent. There have also been SEVERAL instances where I have been home but the driver did not knock and left the sticky note.

I don't expect the delivery people to help me get the boxes inside my home (I can do that myself, thank you very much) but stubbing my toe and ordering me do half their job when I'm not even dressed for the weather is where I draw the line. That's ridiculously RUDE.

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Honestly, You shouldn't blame those ups drivers for their behavior. Seriously...They are treated so terrible by their management.

Ups drivers are lied to, manipulated, over worked, and pushed to a very unreasonable limit daily, oh did I mention harrassed and threatened daily over their time out doing deliveries and pick ups. Ups management are abusing their hourly employees like never before. It obviously shows in the drivers morale and HOW IS IT THAT UPS MAKES BOOMING PROFITS IN THIS TOUGH ECONOMY.

The answer is simple, They are abusing their drivers horribly and they need to be stopped. Call and complain to their 1-800 number but dont complain about the driver, just the service!


@Tasha: Telling and asking are two different things. If the driver asked, I would've gotten my coat and put on some boots and helped him get the packages. But he EXPECTED me to just go and get them myself. Like I said, I never had an issue when I lived in Philadelphia. The drivers there would take 2-3 trips from their truck and didn't even ask for me to get the stuff.

@Nikki: I've had that happen to me too but it usually arrived the next day. I think it may be that one of the drivers is lazy and just waits for another driver to do it.

@So sad: What's sad is that it IS true and there ARE drivers like this. I've also sent in a phone complaint that went nowhere and an email complaint that will hopefully get directed to where it needs to go.

Maybe it's sad, but I really am upset about the situation.


How exactly does the part about the stubbed tor prove this is bogus? I have already ordered a cell phone sat at my house all day long waiting for the phone to be delivered cause it needed a signature saw the UPS truck drive by the house slow down and keep going then I got an email 5 minutes later stating that no one was home to sign for the package.

The driver never even stopped the truck or came to my house, but he marked it as he did... I know a few UPS drivers as well and youwould be surprised the things they tell me they do so they can get routes done earlier and go home...


This story is completely bogus. I'm sure no UPS driver would do this. The part about the stubbed toe proves it is bogus.

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