Silver Spring, Maryland

Why are all the drivers always so super angry? Unfortunately this is not the first time a UPS driver has taken it too far but this time was one of the worst.

He left 30 boxes in front of my garage making a perfect barrier sp that no car/person could get in or out of the garage. He was so angry that our side walk way was was blocked by a car so when i volunteered to move it, he said "sure..because i have all day" (sarcasm). We then got into an aggressive verbal argument that lasted for at least 5 min; it was painful. He got so angry at one point that he banged a box with two of his fists.

I thought he could have hurt me.

He said "ill be back in one hour to move these" and left.

I don't think that UPS quite understands the concept of customer loyalty.

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i cant believe how rude ups is


I'm so sick of these rude drivers that don't knock or ring the bell, but they can get pissy, bc they package that they claimed to have left on the porch is not there !!

I have a Yorkie that can hear delivery trucks coming a block away... & I wonder if maybe they are not taking the items themselves !!

I just had one driver tell me that from now on I would have to sign for everything, bc she was not going to leave anything on the porch.

That is rather funny coming from the *** that delivered a package for my address to an apartment in the next town over at an address that sounded close to my house address. :(

I also love how when you ask for information on how to have your packaged held at a local UPS Shop.. they turn brain dead!!

Funny how I don't have any problems with the USPS !! :x


Ok seriously, what do they do to these drivers/deliver men to make them such angry ***?! I was in the restroom when a UPS man came by, and by the time I can out to answer the door, he was gone, so I proceeded to take in my package.

Lo and behold, my roommate had a package coming that day too (I had no idea) and he apparently saw or heard me open/close my door, and runs back up the stairs to my apartment and angrily yells, "What the heck?! I need you to sign for something!" I calmly expressed that I was in the other room, and that he was gone by the time I answered, and he proceeded to argue with me for several minutes that I should have come get him to sign for the package (the package I didn't know was coming...) he then acted like a little boy and pouted his way back to the truck and handed the package with an "ugh" sound and walked away.

Look - I get that he probably had a lot of deliveries, but getting angry with someone about something they had no control over is BS... I hate UPS!!


Ups help center,rude rude rude


a driver delivers staff to work sometimes, each time he visit, i'm getting tensed. one time package wasn't really ready and he was so pissed of, showing at his watches.

but when packages r ready, they just give a sarcastic smile, that's a bit funny... )) anyways was interesting to google "why ups guys are angry?" lol


I have no problems with the ups couriers. I try to make the transaction as smooth as possible for them since they are in a rush to deliver packages.

Call centre reps are a whole other story.

Never made any rude comments or sarcasm, but their tone. Sounds like they don't give a ***.


We received a package that was damaged. I contacted the company that I ordered from.

They told me that UPS would be by to document the damage sometime during the next seven business days. So I left the package open. When the UPS guy came he said that he was there to pick it up and would not wait for me to tape the box. (Exactly 3 minutes) He said, the next time you call for a pick up, be sure you're ready.

I told him I didn't call and he stormed off. --So freaking rude.


It depends on location. One placed that I lived really great. If a issue came up, the UPS dispatch would always help me out. Now I live in a new area, not the same... at all Had a package to pick up, the driver driver dropped of one package, did not know on the door and left a note on the door saying leave the package out side for pickup. What!?!.. I was right across from the door.. not knock no rig no nothing.

So I called the 800 number and talked to one UPS person about having the package picked up. The person on the phone was awesome.. very nice and polite. When he had the local dispatch call, wow.. Was really rude... made excuses and then said the driver did knock on the door and or ringed the bell. Then when I was trying to tell the dispatch person that i'm an honest person and I did not hear the driver.. the dispatch person cut me off and start arguing with a raised voice "I'm not calling you a liar.." and really started to rip into me, and then the package drop off was from next week, to today. And then the dispatch slammed the phone in my ear. The way the dispatch was arguing with me and twisting every around was just insulting.

I've done business with a lot of big companies and had small issues with vendors and shipping companies as well (over 20 years) and this is "the worst" phone call I have EVER been on in regards to a problem. The treatment that I received was on the same level, as if the dispatch person just said a few colorful metaphors to me and hung up.. that was what this phone call was equal to.


The driver that brings packages to my work everyday, SWEET as he can be..the guy that delivers to my home 2-3 times a week, A *** OFF.

The comment from Bill above just shows you what "kind" of personal they hire. Wow.


God just got off the phone after waiting 20 minutes to be greeted by a *** of a customer service agent. Her name was Tiffany like all agents there they will not say there last name.

Anyways I was supposed to get a package on 02.04.2011 and did not receive it. I call in that night and Tiffany was VERY rude and MEAN and no customer service skills what so ever. SHE SUCKS! Than this morning I called in to see what was really going on and I talked to a girl who said her name was NIC...

Yeah whatever after she tried to dance around the fact that UPS Sucks and is rude about there mistakes. Both of these women should be FIRED ASAP!

UPS is rude. I asked to speak with a manager both times and they hung up on me.


30 plus OVERTIME genius! Most drivers work 10 OT hours a week, up to 12 hour days during peak season.

Do that math. Oh yea, don't forget to throw in free benefits for family, great pension, and about 1 and half months vacation PAID.


30 bucks an hour is only $1200.00 weekly.yeah you probably need to steal packages.


So this is the second time a UPS delivery person had to make a snide comment during a devilery to my home. The first time: I ordered a few things from Victoria's Secret but the sizes were wrong so I exchanged them.

When the UPS guy delivered the second package my boyfriend answered the door and signed for me. I was sitting in the living room and heard the UPS guy say, "Man, your WIFE! She's something, huh?" In this sleazy tone, implying that I order an excessive amount of (what he imagined to be) lingerie. Today I got a package from a different UPS delivery man and as he was handing my package over he says in this very hostile tone, "You sure like to shop a lot, don't you?" As if I am some crazy QVC obsessed lady because I've had a few packages delivered to me this month (which is very out of the ordinary).

The funny thing is, I don't shop much at all, which is probably why most things I do buy, I buy online.

It really shows a lack of professionalism to make comments about what/how much paying customers are buying. Next time, I'll give my business to delivery companies who are friendly or better yet, keep their mouths shut.


people r so dumb im a driver and people have no idea how hard this job is or the stress involved in the job. you literally dont even have time to pick your nose on this job.

people dont use their commonsense when it comes time to get their package delivered. if you know you have some going to be delivered make the conscious effort to make delivery as smooth as possible.

and no we dont need to steal your packages. we make 30 bux an hour seriously people get a life!