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I have done business with UPS in the past and always held my tonque... like the time my fragile package was dropped from the UPS truck, from the floor of the truck, down a few entry/exit stairs of the truck, then all the way down to the cement with a loud crash.

I was waiting there for the truck and saw this happen. I don't know if it was kicked down or fell down as I did not have a good view of the driver's feet at the time. The package was thankfully very well-packaged and the item inside was not damaged.

not this time though, I have to say something because my blood is boiling. On 9.15.2015 am I called the UPS main number in Clovis California.

I was being sent a package and the tracking read that the package showed as had been delivered to the address I had specified at 2119 hrs (yes, at night), that is 9:19 p.m. the night before. I was about an hour away and I called the address (a relative lives there), no package. There is another house at the address, however, I was an hour away and was unable to reach anybody at that house by phone.

My intent on calling UPS was to see if the UPS office could call the employee who made the delivery and find out exactly where he had dropped off the package (containing a precious Cartier gem I had bought as a birthday present for a friend). I was directed to call 559.442.XXXX as that department handles the drivers, as I was told by the initial UPS employee. I called the number and spoke with a "Diane", explained the situation to her and asked if she could contact the driver. She became very rude and defensive and went off about God knows what to me.

I remained calm and polite and told her that all I was calling about was to ask if she could contact the driver of the night before and ask him exactly where the he had put the package. She replied something like "oh sure" and hung up on me! of course she did not get my phone number or called me back, nothing. rude rude rude!

The UPS drivers have been told over and over on previous mis-deliveries where the right house was at, it never did any good as in this case as well. I am luckier than most here because I did receive my item by driving 2 hours back and forth and retrieving it from the wrong house that UPS delivered it to, as usual.

I am notifying my suppliers that I will no longer receive or send anything via UPS, suggest that they do the same, and sending them this website page link so they can see why. I am now going to have all my deliveries done by fedex (how could they be worse?) for medium to large items and the USPS for smaller items.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Rude staff behaviour.

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