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The supervisor stated it will be taken care of.

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This is the second incident, regarding a UPS Driver. He came to my home with a bad spirit, and he was very unprofessional.

I said good morning to the driver, and he looked me directly in my face and did not respond. My wife was a witness to it and asked was he having a bad day. The driver said, I don't have to respond back I'm a grown man. Afterwards, he was going back and forth arguing with my wife.

That was uncalled-for. It took everything in my power, not to make the situation get uglier than what it was. The prior day, the same Driver delivered a package, my wife was sitting on the patio. She spoke to the Driver, he gave her a dirty look and continued walking without speaking back to her.

He dropped the package down at the door and continued to proceed to his truck. We let that one slide, because there was no altercation, even though the Driver was rude. The second time took the cake, because the Driver responded back negatively and argued with my wife. I have been in customer service for over 25 years and I never treated a customer in that manner.

Instead of apologizing for his behavior, that should not have happened in the first place, he escalated it by arguing and being unprofessional. I will not stand for this type of behavior from anyone, especially someone in business, who is supposed to be outgoing and respectful towards customers.

Something needs to be down about this matter. The Driver need to be reprimanded.

Preferred solution: Professional & Respectful Drivers.

UPS Pros: You might receive a package.

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Turn the water hose on him the next time he shows up. That will cool his hot tempered self down.

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