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This is the second time that they are ripping me off these thieves. Now when I order something I make *** sure it's not being sent by UPS.

They STOLD my LeBra hood protector because I refused to pay customs WHICH THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CHARGE ME and tax. So if you refuse a shipment from UPS and your shipper doesn't take it back UPS keeps it. They call that abandoned parcel. What the F....K is abandoned???

they get a free package WHICH you paid for but you don't want to give them money which they are not allowed to??

Now I'm having the same problem with a flashlight I ordered from "flashlight torch" (and they are next on my list to report)Hustler UPS are charging me customs and taxes again and guess what folks they are not even taking my money they want a cheque. Imbeciles I could give the an NSF cheque dum F....K

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $369.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

UPS Cons: Unethical business practices.

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I have been trying to help you, but all help stops now.

I am done with you and your tirades.

There are folks can and would have been able to help, but seeing your attacks on others, I doubt you will get any help.

I KNOW how to resolve the issue, if and when you are ready to converse in a Mature Adult Manner, MAYBE I will assist you.

Your choice.


you KNOW jack about resolving the issue Joe knows it all, all BS in my book but again since you are from Dallas you probably work for the thieves. One thing's for sure I learn from my mistake and word of mouth can do loooooot of damage believe you me


*** You I know my package is STOLEN BY THEM and furthermore they even sent me an invoice for customs. I don't believe these thieves no parcel and you have to pay for customs on something that you don't even have????? Obviously the left hand doesn't have a clue of what the right hand is doing FYI I'm taking them to court for the second time (the first time was back in 1991 for ILLEGALLY GARNISHING MY PAYCHECK and I won all the way) I'll let a judge decide again if I should pay for fees on a package they STOLD from me, and you Richie Rich *** I have no use for an *** like you


No need for name calling.

You posted a complaint, I explained what may have happened.

With the limited information provided, I can only guess that UPS paid the fees t oCustoms, and you refused to reimburse UPS for the fees paid to clear Customs so they could then attempt delivery to you.

You declined to pay, therefore the item becomes the property of the shipping company.

How exactly did they steal from you when you refuse to reimburse amounts owed against the item to clear Customs?


Are you an *** or what you don't jack ***. First of all there is no customs to pay IT'S FREE TRADE DUMMY that's how they rip you off and make their money secondly the package doesn't go back to the shipper if the shipper refuse to take it back so UPS calls it abandoned or STEALING IT FROM YOU WHICH YOU RIGHTFULLY PAID FOR.

Clear enough. Explain to me since you are a genius (little troll) how come I ordered something else from the same shipper and it was shipped via Purolator which belongs to the post and it (fyi more expensive then my stolen goods)went right through no customs because Purolator doesn't rip you off that way no taxes to pay (remember it was mooooore expensive parcel then the stolen one)and it came to my door I just had to sign for it end of story. Now explain that to me since you are so smart how does UPS make their money if they are not ripping you off with customs which there is none to pay (that is a total bs and btw they where previously notify in writing not to touch anything but let my broker take care of anything that comes in their hands and send it to him and let him take care of it; and yet they are still charging customs on my stuff again people who can't read a piece of paper that says leave it along send it to the consignee's broker) and taxes which you are allowed an amount and with other courier it comes right through????

Explain that to me ***. I worked for this ridiculous outfit and it was the same bs back in 1988 and it's still the same today and I'm the one who had to face the consignees and tell them that there was a cod in the name of customs and taxes to pay, and I knew that was total bs but I was just a driver then.

Today I don't take it out on the driver been there done that but the *** outfit I will let people know on the internet how they rip off and steal from people.

I made sure long time ago never to order if it was shipped by UPS but this shipper (Carid and I am naming them and vow never to buy from them) caught me by surprise. Carid is another outfit and and half ship one by Purolator pull the backorder bs on you ship it right after you get the first parcel before the giving shipping date (where is the b/o in there)and ship with the thieves UPS



Customs is charged by the Gov't in the country it is going to.

Consider a person returning from a trip overseas, Customs will charge import fees, etc.

If the person does not want to pay, Customs keeps it.

Same thing in this case, it is out of line to accuse UPS when it is Customs themselves that has to be paid.

In order to avoid these fees, order from within the Country of which you reside.


You are not to bright you haven't been ripped off by thieves in you life you must be a kid. Wake up an smell the coffee buddy.

You ain't seen nothing yet if you ever heard that song but wait your just a kid. Read between the lines ***