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Last year (or year before?) I ordered a phone from Office Max. I forgot about it, a while later I thought I hadn't received it so checked, Office Max said it was delivered. Checked with husband and daughter, didn't receive it. Turned into a 'lost box' - talked with Delivery guy, I receive dozens of shipments for years, have NEVER had a problem until this one. UPS eventually settled with Office Max. A few weeks after this happened, I found the box - we have been boxing up things, storing some, donating some,e tc. Someone thought it was an empty box and threw it in the closet, where I found it when I went to get an empty box. I immediately notified Office Max that I had found the phone, it was my error. I thought this straightened things out. T

HUGE ISSUE: Now I have been placed on a Must Have Signature for Delivery list. I called 1-800-UPS to complain, was told it was up to the Delivery Guy, he choses if it should be placed on that list. Talked next day to Delivery Guy, he said that wasn't true, needed to talk with his supervisor. I called his supervisor, who told me it was up to National. Told him National said it was delivery, delivery said it was supervisor -- angry now and going to complain. He said his supervisor was on vacation, he would check with her.

I kept getting Need Signature notices on my door two more weeks, thought supervisor should be back. Called to complain again when I got next Need Signature notification on door. Supervisor said he'd check with his supervisor and get back with me. He never got back with me.

I've tried to ignore it, but this senseless regulation is making life *** on me. I home office, and oftentimes the things I am receiving are for my job. But if I'm in a meeting anywhere along the Wasatch Front, I can't sign for my boxes. Often times delivery isi personal -- it doesn't even matter -- when pay extra to receive shipment in two days but don't receive it for five because I wasn't home, it makes me ANGRY.

Nobody knows who has to take it off the list. As I said, I receive, on average, three packages a week between UPS, Fed Ex and USPS - the only one that requires a signature is UPS. Because of a misplaced fricking $40.00 landline telephone, which, when I found it, Ii reported it immediately to Office Max.

I got home tonight to yet another Signature Required from UPS< but there was a package from Fed Ex neatly placed on step for me to get when I got home.

What is the sense in this? What needs to happen to take my name and address off the Must Have Signature list from UPS? I cannot always choose my source of delivery, but it has now come to the point that, when I can, no matter how much difference I am going to pay to have it delivered by anyone but UPS if this is not changed.

Again - there has been ONE complaint that I did not receive merchandise since I moved here 18 years ago - and it was my mistake which I rectified as soon as I found out it was our error. I am being penalizied by your company.

If this is not changed, I will stop all deliveries via UPS - I am not home more than I am home now, and I simply cannot wait a full to receive a package via UPS because UPS requires a signature due to one problem with a delivery. I have tried calling the national number again, and receive, "I'm sorry, I didn't understand" when I try to request customer service. I tried sending an email and can't send one because it has nothing to do with setting up an account or ordering supplies. I tried calling local again, and I'm sure because they have Caller ID they don't answer my calls.

Could NOT be angrier tonight - I don't buy online to inconvenience myself by having to be at home at certain hours for delivery from UPS. The other carriers have no problems or restraints on delivering to me - why does UPS?

If I don't get a response to this within 3 working days, I will post to Facebook and Twitter, and have my college daughter as well. I've never been this annoyed and bothered by a supposed service industry. Our last post was disseminated and seen by 737 people within 48 hours, by the way.

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where do you live?? your local ups has the ability to take you off the list.

tell them you are not a high claims delivery.

if you press 0 # when calling the 800 number you can talk to a person. hope this helps!

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