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I bought items from an ebay seller & shipping was 67$ now UPS wants another 60$ on my end forr so-called brokerage fees! So a pkge that was supposed to be shipped via US Postal service & would have cost me 30-40$ for shipping will now cost me 128$ for shipping via UPS!

No other courrier charges these absurd fees! They know ive pd for these items so now they want ransom money for me to get them! Even the UPS driver once told me to never use them for anything worth more than 20$ otherwise they will make you pay bg time! Its nothing more than a scam to charge Canadians brutal fees!

Its funny how they never ever tell the shipper about these fees! They are an absolute rip-off!

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If you don't want to pay customs/brokerage fees, then don't buy things from other countries. And it's not UPS you should be mad at, it's the Canadian customs agency. They are notorious ***.

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