Ad Dammam, Ash Sharqiyah Province
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I ordered 700 dollars worth of gift from Amazon and sent them to my niece in SC. She reboxed everything together in one large box and shipped it to me using UPS.

I am living and working in Saudi Arabia. There is nothing in the box not allowed here in Saudi. This was the 14th of November. 4 days later i was called by UPS in Saudi that they needed the receipt from my niece showing the price of shipping.

I sent them the receipt, the email confirmation of shipping, and the customs form. One week later there was no movement on my package so i contacted the UPS office in Saudi and they told me it was in customs. I week later nothing and i was told i needed to apply for a commercial license to get my box which i refused to do because every thing in the box is for me and my husband and daughter. Days later i was told i needed to send the amazon receipt to show what was in the box.

I did this. Then i was told there were problems in customs and it could take months to get the box. Then i was told they would send the box back out of Saudi and fly it in a different route.

Now today, the 8th of December, 24 days after i paid 670 dollars to get this to me quickly i called and they said the box is lost. i swear i am going to hire a lawyer and sure the company.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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