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I love ups and always have , most of the people that write bad compaints are Mad bc they screwed up their own package and is mad bc ups cannot fix it, or call customer service being nasty and rude then expecting someone to go out their way for you. People realize these are normal freaking people some sitting thousands of miles away talking to you on the phone how much do you really think they can do ?

And half the time they not even ups just outsourcing companies which a lot of businesses are opting for now, but you guys just aren't realistic in your expectations.

Ups has been my personal favorite for years and they have even lost a package of mine before but you know what nothing is perfect occasionally things slip threw the cracks but they worked with my shipper I got a replacement no love lost. Thank you ups I know you get more bad then good reviews so I think it's important you know you do a fabulous job and I appreciate you so much !!!

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Human how about i paid 20$ for dilevery, and day apologize, and say that day can't dilever because its holiday, if its about $$$$ thay #1, after that ***k you customer.


Be kind to the poor soul. Perhaps a soft rendition of Kumbaya to soften the hearts of us derelict UPS customers who are tired of having to write these bad reviews after shoddy deliveries, being bounced around from department to department, having to tell our clients their parts destined for Tuscaloosa are somewhere in the UPS Ethernet in a third world country. I mean really now, can't we all just get along?


Obviously someone that works or married to someone that works for UPS.

Great story thou, you should file that in the category of FICTION....


Obviously a UPS employee aka lazy, liar, theif, and now a fiction storyteller.

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