Very angry with UPS right now. Ordered a Christmas present from Amazon for a friend I see once a year.

Paid extra for 2-day shipping. Was told it would arrive by 8 pm 12/19 (last night). Tracked the package -- at that time, it was in Louisville, KY. No problem -- this morning it was in Columbus.

Still no problem -- only two hours away. Checked email. Had email from UPS telling me delivery has been rescheduled to 12/23 -- when I will not be here. Spent two hours calling UPS (got a recording that said they were too busy to talk to me & hung up), trying online chat with UPS (not available at this time), emailing UPS (we'll get back to you next week), emailing the President of N.AM operations (no response), calling UPS HQ (rerouted to customer service, who said they couldn't help me) and talking to Amazon via chat.

At least Amazon apologized, tried to reroute the package (no luck) and refunded my shipping & handling fees so I can *MAIL* the package later. Interestingly enough, I bought something that was not a rush earlier this week & picked free shipping, so it was sent via USPS & scheduled for the 20th.

Showed up a day early! Maybe UPS should take lessons from the Post Office?

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Dallas, Texas, United States #761902

Maybe your compaly shouldn't promise things it can't deliver.

to Anonymous #764404

"my company"? Are you referring to Amazon or UPS?

BTW, UPS has contacted me and apologized. They also lost the package and could not even find it before Christmas.

Apparently, they have found it & will be delivering it right after New Year's.

Deland, Florida, United States #761710

Or don't wait till a week before Christmas to order something. It's the same date every year.

"Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part."

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