driver leaves note stating drop off time estimated to be next day after 5; i leave a note stating to just leave it as my neighborhood is designated a "safe" drop off neighborhood by UPS; I arrive home before 5 to find another note stating second attempt made and final drop off will be next day; i call to discuss customer service representative talks to me as if I am new to the whole shipping process (i am a small business owner with a soon to be discontinued ups account)encouraging me to explain to the shipper (my friend) how she shipped the package wrong (it was a gift to my kids!-really!) and that the after 5 designation is an estimate (seems like a really large window to be an estimate and if it was going to be before 5 the driver should have checked the 2-5pm estimate), the last day I was home at 4pm and guess what...another note saying so sorry package is being returned...they OVERNIGHTED it back to my friend! Seems like that cost them more than just dropping it off at the house like my authorization note requested!

Anyway, the kids get too many xmas gifts as it is, one less won't hurt them. But ups has lost 2 customers as my friend is equally furious and also a small business owner in the artworld...fedX here we come!!!

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I'm lost. We have a complaint against UPS and a comment about USPS. What are we talking about?


Tried USPS, it is worst. :cry

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