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I contacted UPS to request to have a package picked up. At that time I spoke at length with an agent from UPS regarding the item that I was shipping.

I told the agent that the item was a fragile item, (a marble vanity countertop), that I wanted to return to the manufacturer. The agent ask me if I wanted to insure the item and I told him that I did and I asked that it be insured for $500. The agent asked me for a credit card number, which I gave him, and he arranged for a driver to pick up my package. The drive arrived without a shipping form, he left and came back later with a blank form and ask me to fill it out.

Neither the agent I spoke to on the phone, nor the driver ever told me that I needed to indicate on the form that the item was insured for $500. By the time the item reached the manufacturer it was obviously broken into pieces and rattling around in the box. The receiver refused the shipment and the item was returned to me. When I filed a claim for the damaged item, UPS told me that there was no insurance on the item.

The cost of the item was $543 plus tax. In summary, I told the UPS agent that I wanted the item insured and he agreed to add the $500 insurance to my bill.

He even took my credit card number to cover payment for insurance. I think that it is totally unfair for UPS to tell me now that the maximum they can pay is $100 for the damage that was caused while the package was in their possession.

Very disappointed customer.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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you filled out a form and you didnt indicate insurance?or declared value... well if this was something you were really concerned of you would not have missed to fill that part out. oh well *** happens


You should have called and dispute the claim. Ask for the pick up request number. U should see the breakdown of ur payment online.

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