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Very unpleasant experience with UPS (of which I always had a positive opinion before). We were expecting two packages, had tracking numbers, and were in the driveway to receive them.

The truck pulled up in our driveway, the driver got out his rolling truck, and proceeded to get the packages from the interior. They were both heavy (50+ pounds each) and were marked "Fragile" in several places. He put one of them on the floor of the truck and KICKED it end over end to move it to the opening. He misjudged the distance and kicked the box out of the truck; it fell about three feet onto our concrete driveway!

No apology from him at all. When he placed the two boxes in our garage we told him we wanted to open the one which had fallen out to be sure the contents were not damaged. He refused! Said we had to sign for them first.

When we refused to do that, he picked them up, put them back in the truck, and drove away! He said something to the effect that it made him no difference what we decided - it was no concern of his at all. Dumbfounded, we called the UPS office immediately. Long story short, after several phone calls we were assured that they "would work something out" to redeliver the boxes and let us open them.

Fast forward one day - I checked the tracking numbers and learned that the boxes were on the way back to California! More phone calls. Packages cannot be intercepted and returned to us. Now we have paid-for items which we do not have, and the merchant in California will have the items back in his store in a few days.

This is ridiculous!!

Wouldn't anybody demand the right to inspect a package which he has seen fall three feet from a truck to the driveway? Something very wrong here...


Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Tracking our packages, Tracking tool.

I didn't like: Drivers, Broke my stuff.

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You have 2 options when having something delivered.

You can acept it, or refuse it.

You elected to refuse the shipment.

Drivers do not have time to wait while the contents are unboxed and inspected, that is between you and the party you ordered the items from.

You must be the one was holding up the line at the Electronics store the other day. Demanding to inspect your item before paying for it! You pay, you open, if there is an issue after purchase, you go back to the store to resolve it.

to Anonymous #985439

Au contraire. When ***-Way freight delivered a similar package, the driver insisted that we open & inspect it before he left, which we did.

When one observes mis-handling of a package it is reasonable to request an inspection. When the merchant is in California & recipient is in Louisiana, it is not easy to get merchandise exchanged!

to Anonymous #987133

No one can get you to see the point here!

Your point is flawed, and you cannot see it.

I had a some new furniture delivered, the delivery folks told me to check and make sure all was OK before they left.

I had a Pizza delivered later in the the evening, and the delivery driver would not let me eat the pizza and make sure it was to my liking before paying!

So, based on your logic, I should have had the same consideration from both delivery persons.

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