So I called ups to try and change the name for the customer picking up the package to sign for it but they said due to the agreement of the contract from the sender they couldn't do it. So I then had to aak my son to sit at my house at his own time " loss of time at work" and wait for the package!

Well apprantly ups guy shows up doesn't I guess know how to use the buzzer code system and that's attempt number 1..... He than apparently returns for a second attempt claiming that he couldn't find 419.... I don't know maybe between 418 and 420!!! Just a thought....

So now here I am expressing my anger to an Internet site where no ups person will ever see nor care if they do see.... And still waiting for the package.... I have a lot of swear words I would love to express to ups.

But all I can say is that I will take time out of my day and prayers to pray that ups goes down in the business world and can't wait to hear that good news one day when I turn on the tv and hear that ups has gone under. My prayers are with the bankruptcy of ups!

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Chris - You can't just have them leave it at a UPS Store. UPS Stores have nothing to do with trucks/deliveries. Most stores will accept packages for a fee, but this has to be arranged ahead of time, as opposed to just rerouting it if a delvery is missed.


Actually if you can't be home for the package you have two options...you can request that it is left with a neighbor or you can pick it up from a local ups store. There is a UPS store on almost every corner.

Problem solved. UPS has a schedule to keep up with just like everybody else in the world.


Could you please explain to me what the following statement means?

“So I called ups to try and change the name for the customer picking up the package to sign for it”

Is this English? While you are praying for ups to close down I will be praying you learn how to write


you want the whole company to go bankrupt, people to get fired, families to suffer just because your package is late? your a bad person.

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