Jersey City, New Jersey

I ordered a part from our vendor. Part did not arrived on date expected.

Tracking number shows that the package was put by UPS on wrong truck so it will be 7 days late because of Thanksgiving holidays. We have a huge account with UPS. Ups trucks come to our facility two times a day. We have a building just for shipping and receiving orders, but still we are just a customer with no recourse if UPS made a mistake.

We are a company trying to survive challenging economic time.

UPS red is not encourage so we leave enough buffer time when we order parts.

But not 7 days. Stocking expensive part is not an option either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Account.

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I had a package delivered on -11-24-2010 and was expecting it to be here after 700pm like usual on this day these mfers decided to come earlier i had surgery at 200 and didnt get home till 600 am theyalready was here. left a not saying will deliver on 11-29-10 wow five days later ok no big deal.

now its 720pm on 11-29-10 waiting still no delivery. 750pm heard a horn blowing out side looked out seen a brown ups truck look out door driver went to neighbors house. i ask did he have right address he said yep 4430 not 34 i said ok. i went and got my tracking number and asked if he could see where this package was.

you now this mfer walked to his truck started it and said its not on my truck i have a split package delivery not my rought callthe store. you talk about pissed he never even asked about the tracking number or any information about my shipment that sucks. with out people like us ordering items from online UPS would not be in buisness but thes mfers want to talk and treat us like nothing ill tell you what evertime i see a UPS driver breaking the law rather its speeding or some minor traffic violation and im on the street he will get pulled over and better hope i dont lock him up on the traffic ticket lets see who can be the bigger *** hole.

so next time UPS wants to be a DYCK ill show them how much of a bigger one i can be... Better watch out who you are dealing with UPS u never know how good you got it ill mae it hard for you just by doing my job %100.


You have a huge account with UPS, they come to your job twice per day, and this is the first time something has been late?? Welcome to reality, and consider yourself lucky.

And what do you mean you have no recourse? You get a refund.

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