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Delivery-First Attempt: I was at work but checked the tracking every hour on the hour till 9 PM that day. No updates until the next day where tracking said that delivery was attempted at 1:15PM. There were no notice on my front door.

Delivery-Second Attempt: We literally waited around close to our door and constantly checked the tracking. We even postponed our gym workout to make sure we were physically there to hear them knock. From 4 PM-7:11 PM, we waited until I finally checked and saw that a 2nd attempt has been made at 6:47 PM!!! We never heard a knock nor did we see a notice of any attempt!!! My boyfriend rushed out to see if he was able to catch the UPS driver since it wasn't that long ago but to no avail. I was so frustrated that I did a live chat via UPS and they just said that sorry that we didn't receive our package even though we were home. I refuse to let them give me that excuse and ask how was that possible? Was I suppose to leave my door wide open? They proceeded to tell me that I will get a call from them around 9 AM the next day.

After all that, we decide to walk out of our building and go to the gym. This is when we saw our and another neighbor's Attempt notice. We were so horrified because it was stuck on the external door of our building which we share with 14 or 15 neighbors. Not only were they too lazy to go through our building to post the notice on our door but lied about attempted deliveries on both occasion.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: I just want there to be some kind of consequences for the delivery guy and reassure us that UPS will try to minimize this from happening again especially with the holidays coming up in a few months..

UPS Pros: Its just this order i am very upset with ups about.

UPS Cons: Driver lied about delivery attempt.

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uPS delivery person are not allowed to enter apartment complexes.

Would you go inside an undfamiliar apartment complex with risk of being robbed or someone calling the cops on you for being "suspicious" looking?


Do you live at my building? Do you know the delivery schedule of UPS at my building?

I will have you know that I've live here for almost 10 yrs. I think I would have better knowledge than a person that "bravely" answered via anonymity to reply with such a typical lower learning buffoon response. Every building/complex has different rules. Of course, I'm not angry when a person who are not adept at basic English spelling.

By the way, we are gated community with 24/7 security guards. Any vehicle will have to bypass them. I digress.

In case you do not know the meaning of the word digress, please google search the word. I can safely assume you know how to do such?