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I had an overnight package shipped to me that required a signature. The UPS truck tried 3 times to deliver and then sent the package back!

The truck came all 3 times during working hours (how could I be home?), never specified after the first time on the notice, a time of return, and then failed to leave it at the UPS store for pick up!

This sort of service is horrible! You pay UPS extra for overnight service but cannot pick it up anywhere if you work normal weekday hours. Now, something I needed 5 days ago, will take 10 days to receive.

Never use UPS for your shipping needs.

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So do you feel better now that everyone thinks you're a whiny clueless ***? No one took your side.

Nutley, New Jersey, United States #807758

So you wanted the UPS driver to wait in your driveway for you to get home from work?Why didn't you overnight the package to your work address?

They left at least 2 notices, and you did what?

Just ignored them?You could have called after the first and arranged something.....the center of the universe is not you

Overland Park, Kansas, United States #807748

Go figure UPS has the same working business hours you do. It amazes me no one thinks of this. Also, if you knew you were going to be at work and it was so important why not have it sent to your work?

Palos Hills, Illinois, United States #807666

This is your fault.You paid to have it shipped overnight, knowing full well the next day you would be at work.

You failed to let them know where to leave the package. They leave notes on the door saying they were there. It's your responsibility to notify them that you will not be home.

They did their job exactly as promised.It was YOU that failed.

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