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I made a terrible mistake in giving UPS one more chance at shipping my eBay sales shipements.

I shipped a package 8 days ago (should have taken no more than five days to deliver), and the package has still NOT BEEN DELIVERED.

UPS tracking gives no reasonable explanation, only a notation that "shipment delayed one business day), left TWO DAYS AGO.

Calling the customer service line is akin to a Saturday Night Live skit. Either no answer, or a run-around.

My best advice, use ANYONE except UPS for ground shipping across country! signed....... "BURNED for the LAST time"

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

UPS Cons: Package not delivered, Delay in delivery, Poor customer service and delivery.

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Might I suggest trying FedEx. UPS has made some changes to their shipping, pricing and overall processing and delivery services.

UPS will now transfer some smaller packages to a local post office for final delivery as opposed to UPS actually making the final delivery. This can add an additional day or more for the package to be processed through the post office's sorting system and reach its final destination. So, even though you paid for UPS for their delivery services thinking UPS would tender your package from point A to point B this is no longer the case.

No doubt this is why some of your final package deliveries are taking longer since the packages have been rerouted/transferred by UPS to a local post office USPS facility for final delivery.

I don't think FedEx transfers packages to post offices for final delivery like UPS.

But I may be wrong in assuming this. But at least FedEx still makes Saturday residential address deliveries.

Hope this helps explain why some of your packages may be taking a bit longer to reach their final destination.