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His name is Roger and he repeatedly requires me to show ID just for dropping off a package with a prepaid label. I have a problem with him every time I go to the facility just to drop off a package!

Why? I ask if I can just drop off the package at a UPS box drop. So he tells me to do so. When I complain to see a manager, he tells me to please call customer service and file a complaint!

Why the fuss when my nephew goes in to drop off a package for me at the same facility, and no one asks him for ID. Also, after the last incident I went to the mall to finish my Christmas shopping. When I saw a UPS man there, I asked him could he take the same package for me. He politely said yes.

And, no ID was asked for! At the mall no less! Also, at another facility, my grandson went in to drop off another return package, and he wasn't asked to show ID. Ok, he's only 12 and was given a receipt!

The point is yes ID is required for pick up service sand for pay and weigh servicics, not for DROP OFF services! Why the fuss? Is it just an individual case of an over exuberant worker? Or, is it the cause of something else having to do with something more suspicious like "preferential treatment for some, but NOT for others.

It's really irritating to know that in this day of prompt and polite service to the public and for the public with follow up surveys that this is individual not only requires my ID just to drop off a prepaid package when my ID is in the car on the next block. Left there by me for my security reasons. Also, with arthritic feet, why should I be asked to do any extra walking or just anything else just to satisfy this individual's special requirements? Seriously, this individual named ROGER needs some serious retraining or some redirecting to another job description or perhaps just replacement by one of his coworkers who told me some people have to define themselves by their own idiosynchrocies.

Again, his name is ROGER, and he works at the Foster Ave. facility in Brooklyn. Beware if you're not on his preferential list of preferred customers!

So, I'm left at my discretion to be serviced at a more useful site like at the mall which is a far more pleasant experience. And to you ROGER, Happy Job Retraining or Just Happy Job Hunting!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with door to door delivery and stated that there is a room for improvement of customer service at the brooklyn foster ave facility. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of ups pick up service. UPS needs to "an apology for starters. no, i don't require a follow up. thank you" according to poster's claims.

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