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I have always been a big supporter of UPS. I have actually never had an issue in all the years I have used your company. Recently I ordered a large canvas that had to be shipped freight. It arrived busted up. This has put me in a panic due to a deadline. This deadline is one of the most amazing opportunities I have had so far in my career as a artist. A pickup was scheduled for Friday July 5th between 8 and 6. I missed work and waited all day for you guys to show. At 6:15 I called and was told the guy was still delivering and had one more stop. He MIGHT get here by 7ish. I couldn't wait. I told them that and they promised to pick it up Monday the 8th by 10:30. I asked the girl three times if she could get here by 10:30 because I was going to miss work again. Three times I was assured of a pickup by 10:30.

Monday is here. I have called and guess what. I am not even on the schedule! I spoke to a supervisor at the 1800 number who was going to contact dispatch and get it on the schedule. I then received a call from a 972-494-3394 and was told it would be later this afternoon. Of course that didn't go over well and I asked to speak to a supervisor. A Bob Greer answered and I told him he needed to change his hold recording because it stated all about how UPS had enhanced freight scheduling. He was very unprofessional and replied "is that all you need, are you done." How very unprofessional to speak to a customer like that. Was I using profanity--no. I was an upset customer and a more appropriate response would have been " what can I help you with."

As of this email I am still waiting to hear when you guys will show up. I have now two missed days of work under my belt. Would you like to pay my house payment because its not getting paid waiting on you guys?? The box is too large for me to physically move out of my garage so I cannot leave it somewhere.

Dealing with your company has become like dealing with the Govt--no one cares and the lack of customer service is ridiculous. My time is important. Your company should respect that.

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You will be waiting quite some time for an answer from UPS, as this is NOT an official complaint UPS website.

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