My package arrived in my town at 5AM on Fri 20th. Waited Sat, no delivery.

Waited all day Mon (stayed home from work--signature req'd) I kept calling ups to see how late they delivered, got 3 different answers: 5, 6, & 8PM. Finally went to bed at 8:30. Get up to find notice that they attempted delivery at 8:43 PM. So Tuesday I stay home from work again.

Tracking still says it will arrive between 2:15 & 6:15, still no pkg. This is Christmas eve & I am in tears. Finally around 8PM it did arrive. Here's another issue.

UPS has something called "My Choice" which you can sign up for. Its kind of confusing so I called the store & the guy said "I don't know anything about that.

" Some Company! Use Fed Ex.

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