Kapolei, Hawaii
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I pay for a private mailbox at a UPS Store, but I can't blame the company UPS too much, however, I believe with their lack of over sight leads to problems at the UPS Store, since each are independently owned.

The people who run the store, which I believe are the owners are so lackadaisical when it comes to putting the mail in their proper place. Though tedious, there really not much science to this.

But of course the owner themselves has made several mistakes in putting the wrong parcel (mine) in someone else's box. In fact, I was expecting this important letter that was sent over night & being tracked, but when I went to my box to retrieve it because I knew it had arrived from the tracking, the employee/ owner stated that it hadn't arrived yet. However, further looking into the incident, it was placed in someone else's box. They apologized, but it happened one too many times.

Of course, I stopped my leasing of the box. Can you believe it, the owner said they would give me one month's free. What an insult! One month only, especially when I had been a long time customer.

Finally, most of the employees see you pick up your mail & they start getting so nosy into my business. Adios!!!!

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This does not appear UPS had anything to do with this, it looks like it should be in the UPS Store complaint section.