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We have a full time drive that never gets here before 11;30am to 1;30pm. the drivers that fill in for him are always here buy 10am.

My work depends on UPSs deliverys and so do many other departments. we plan are work around these deliverys and just want to know why the main driver is always 2 to 3 hours later. we have called the branvh many times and the got where they wount even answer are phone calls and when we exspain what is happening and why we need the stuff the person says it will be there when it gets there. and with this driver it happens every time not just know and then it is every time.

We ( the purchesing department and me ) no longer know whom to call. its just like it is a vendeta agaenst use with this one driver. whats the problem? please help use or tell me why this happens.

please. My cell number is 605 670 2030.

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have you tried talking to your driver? as a driver myself i do what i can to help my customers.

but don't complain about him without talking to him first. it usually doesn't work out in your favor.

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