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I had called Viridian about X5l gen2 the x5l gen 2 was not powering on at all so that asked me to mail it back going to send me Rma to my email when I received the shipping label I called Viridian backon the phone I told them I received shipping label I ask them what is the best way to ship it back to them that told me I could send it brown envelope so I put it brown envelope with bubble wrap / cardboard. I wrap x5l gen 2 with the bubble wrap also I used the cardboard four protection. I put the package into ups drop box 649 SOUTH AVE SECANE, PA Feb 5 2012 around 3 o'clock for pickup Monday FEB 6 2012 THE TRACKNUMBER IS (1**************) Viridian received my package on Feb 10, 2012 signed by Hoyt . And the process of all this that sent me a new x5l Viridian out that track number is 1****************4 I was supposed to get this package today FEB 13 2012 How every viridian ask UPS to return the package back to to them so I called viridian ask them what is going on that told me they the package I sent them x5l gen 2 was not in the brown envelope just bubble wrap / cardboard that could be because I know I sent the X5l back to the company I am not *** know what I send them so I called ups to fall a claim

Monetary Loss: $325.


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