I am pissed! Ups never delivered my package and claimed they did! If they had delivered it, it was to the wrong address!! I use fed ex! They are excellent and always stand by their word.

I will never order online again to a company that uses UPS as their carrier. And trust and believe-i shop oonline a lot.

I feel like I am being penalized because of their mistake.


This package was very expensive and was a gift that got rescheduled for their convenience. Now, my fiancé has to wait and receive a late gift when I ordered the gift in advance.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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"Ups never delivered my package and claimed they did!" "got rescheduled for their convenience."

So which is it? It got rescheduled or they claim it was already delivered?

FYI, if waiting an extra few days means it's too late, then you didn't in any manner "order in advance".


If they misdeliver something, or a package is stolen from your porch, you get a refund, period. You just have to go through the company you ordered the item from, since they're the ones who paid UPS to ship it.

And if you go to the Fedex section of this site, you'll hear the exact same type of complaints.

Everyone over there swears they'll never buy from a company that uses Fedex ever again!

UPS is a far better company! Funny stuff.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #149880

Okay how much is your boss from fed ex paying you to write this?

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