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what a terrible experience i had today. Im still trying to resolve it.

I had a UPS delivery person come to my gate and did not bother to bring the package up to the house even when the gate was open and he claims that there was a dog in the yard, when I dont even have a dog in the yard so he leave a note and ***. I dont know how much longer this companies is going to be around, but with terrible customer service i dont think anyone can survive. I even paid extra for overnight delivery, there goes a waste of money for terrible service.

And when you speak to their representative it seems like your talking to a wall. Im so upset!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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brett *** off


I have complained to UPS three times about the exact same issues!



Im assuming you deliver for ups. Why complain about your job if your the one who picked it?

One doesnt get a job at ups and assume that riding around in an uncomfortable *** box truck all day is easy. As for dogs, take your hat off.


Good point nikalseyn. They just need the right amount of competition to be more sensible.


Well if they can't decide how to run their business I've got some suggestions and their not going to get a good review from me until then.


nikalseyn you are an ***,If you believe what you write.The customers never lie, your houses always have numbers, and the dogs never ***.. Do my job for just 1 day then talk about your ***..


You must realize UPS is unionized and as such NOT in the business professional service. Their sole daily goal is to do as little as possible for as much money as possible. Why should a little thing like "customer service" be of concern to them???

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