I payed $40 for a package to arrive on Valentines day for my girlfriend. It was paid specifically for that day and in the package included her birthday gift as well, which was 2 days later.

The package gets delayed until Tuesday, which is what day it would arrive if I payed for normal ground shipping. They will not compensate/refund. Basically paid $40 for 7 day shipping. Will not ever use UPS again.

They just lost a customer who spends hundreds on shipping a year and earned a bad review and following up with word of mouth. Thanks a lot UPS

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Birmingham, Alabama, United States #785385

The weasther caused delay in delivery your your shipment, plain and simple.

That becomes the fault of UPS how ?

Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #785372

I did not wait last minute. I waited for a product to be released to pick up and send along with the package.

The winter storms was not guaranteed to hit until Thursday. I'm sure if you spent a large amount of money for a special occasion and it did not turn out as expected you would be extremely disappointed as well, so put yourself in my position.

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #785327

So you wait until the last minute, even though numerous states were affected by the winter storms that hit.

Then, you are mad because that UPS could not make your package magically appear ?

Titusville, Florida, United States #785285

You do realize thousands of flights are currently grounded including UPS?

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