This is not about a particular store, but UPS in general. I called UPS.

I waited for 20 minutes until some lame-brain picked up the phone. I made a simple request to regarding a delivery. The Lame-brain had a million excuses why my request COULDN'T be done. I asked to speak to a supervisor.

A recording went on saying it was a 1-2 hour wait for a supervisor. I spoke to the lame-brain respectfully at all times. I always try to use Fed Ex.

They are much more

customer friendly. UPS SUCKS!!!

customer friendly

Location: Ashburn, Virginia

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I hate you.....


" I made a simple" ." It's easy to spot your tell. The only people who say things like this or "I only asked a simple question" are usually the worst customers with the biggest egos and lowes self-esteem they elevate by abusing the "help." I would have dropped your call the second you went into your act.

I'm guessing this is why no one likes you and your kids hate talking to you. Hope your little rant boosted that sagging ego just a little.


It seems like you are a lame brain, because you do not understand English. I am sure his reasons were valid.

You just did not understanding the reasoning. Also if you are going to call him lame brain, I doubt you treated him with respect.


"Lame brain".. Your post shows how ignorant you are. I'm sure they won't notice, or care, that you're gone.

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