I phoned UPS at OR TAMBO on 24 / 11 / 2012 (SATURDAY) 12H42 PM (011-571-8860) and spoke to a man which unfortunately i could not remember the name of about my parcel that's from Germany. According to the website my parcel cleared customs and confirmed this with the man i spoke to.

I asked him if i could collect the parcel and he said no because the parcel must be sent to the warehouse which is in Brussels Road, Spartan, Kempton park. He said I must collect it the following day at the warehouse and I must PLEASE COLLECT IT BEFORE 13h00 because on Sundays the warehouse closes earlier than other days. So on Sunday as instructed I drove all the way to Kempton park to collect my Parcel. I arrived there 11H45 to make sure I am not late.

When I got to the security gate there seamed to be a problem and I asked them what is the problem and he said no they are closing at 12H00. So the man firstly informed me incorrectly about the closing time of the warehouse on Sunday. I was let in and so finally got to the warehouse. I gave my tracking number to a gentleman and he then called the person in charge which was Yvonne.

She then told me she can not give me the parcel because on Sundays they do not allow any collections, so this is the second time the man at UPS OR Thambo gave me false information. I explained this to Yvonne and she said there is nothing she can do and I asked her if she can get me a manager and she refused and said she is the MANAGER. I told her I drove all the way form Pretoria and she went in again and came back after a while. She then told me that the UPS system on a Sunday is off-line WORLDWIDE and that she can not check to see in which part of the warehouse the package is.

She also told me later that my package is not even cleared form customs so i asked her how she can check if the UPS system is OFF-LINE WORLDWIDE and she said she checked on the internet. So the only she could have checked is the UPS tracking website and according to the tracking website the package was cleared on Friday the 23/11/2012 ALLREADY. I then had no option to leave without my parcel and have asked her to please call me the next day on Monday the 25/11/2012 to let me know where my parcel is and it already 15h00 and heard nothing from UPS. Her attitude was terrible especially when I made her aware of the fact that her excuses does not add up.

She turned her back on me and went in back in the warehouse. This is unacceptable services from such a big company. I am dealing with them every week and that's the sort of service I get?

What I think it was too much trouble for Yvonne to give me my parcel since it was time for her to leave work. PATHETIC!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Manager.

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