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I was told specifically that my package would be delivered on Wednesday December 11th. I arranged for someone to be here all day.

The package never arrived and I received no notice. Thursday the driver showed up and again no notice after what happened the day before as to when it should arrive, AND they wanted $23.65 for Brokerage C.O.D. dues on top of the $20 shipping fees I already paid, this being payable to UPS. My husband didn't have it on him so he left a notice that a second delivery attempt would be made on Friday.

I again waited all day, no delivery and when tracking I found it was left in the UPS facility, UNREAL! By now I no longer have patience or time for this.

I am now going to have to pick it up and still end up paying almost $45 to UPS which is about 3/4 the cost of the item I ordered. Never again will I choose UPS, they have really bad business practices!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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Bakersfield, California, United States #757960

A C.O.D is placed by the shipper and or tarriff fees for importing goods from another country. Before you bad mouth UPS, you should educate yourself.

The merchant you ordered from is practicing bad business, UPS is merely the carrier. Don't get mad at the messenger.

to Anonymous #757968

Doesn't matter, they still did not inform me about these fees so that I could be prepared. On top of that when I went to pick it up, guess what?

It was stuck in one of their trucks and they could not retrieve it and I made that long trip for nothing! Something is wrong with their system and it is very disorganized. This week has been *** for me and It's not the merchant to blame, as far as the merchant goes everything came through fine on their part. When they tell me a delivery date on 3 separate occasions and they fail to bring it and I have to make sure myself or someone takes time off work to be here, then who's fault is it?

And who's fault is it when UPS tells me I can pick the package up at the UPS facility and I go there and they can't even find it? They should have informed me about the so-called brokerage fee, I would have had no problem if I was notified ahead of time. It was all-around bad business, and not just one occurrence, 4 times.

I could let one, or even twice go by, but this was just ridiculous! I have every right to complain about that!

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