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I ordered two bras online and the seller shipped them to me using overnight service through her father's UPS account. I was not aware she used overnight service so I waited approximately two weeks for the package. When it had not arrived by then I logged on to view the tracking information and found that it had supposedly been delivered already. I expanded the Shipment Progress and found "Incomplete address information may delay delivery. We are attempting to update this information. / The delivery is rescheduled." The package was delivered about 2 hours after this information was entered into the system.

I called customer service and they told me the package had been delivered to unit 137. I live in unit 176 and I have no idea why they would deliver to unit 137. I thought maybe the seller had neglected to include my unit number in the address. I contacted the seller and she sent me a copy of the receipt that clearly showed she included the correct unit number in the address on the shipment receipt. Therefore, I concluded that the UPS representative in the store probably neglected to include the unit number when they were transcribing my address from the receipt into the computer. Then, when it arrived in Phoenix, they decided just to throw it on a random doorstep in my 180 unit complex (!!!!) instead of returning it to sender for an incomplete address. What. The. ***.

I contacted customer service to file a complaint. They said they would try to retrieve the package. I gave them my address then heard nothing for over two weeks. They told me it would take up to 8 business days. Finally I called them back and they told me they had failed to retrieve the package....uhh thanks for the call to let me know... The rep told me the seller had to contact them to finish the claim. I informed him that the seller had used her father's UPS account to send the item and he assured me that was no problem. Just have her call them and he could send a form over to her via email to fill out so they could process the claim.

I gave her the number to call and she told me that the rep said the account holder was the one who had to call, she could not do it since she wasn't on the account. Never mind that she was the one who actually shipped the item. I guess UPS has no problem allowing people to utilize accounts that they are not listed on, but when it comes to filing a claim they will accept no less than the account holder. Thanks for lying to me *** representative! Clearly it WAS a problem to have her call to finish up the claim. She said she didn't want to have her dad deal with UPS about an item he didn't even ship so she said she would just refund my money. I didn't want her to have to take the hit for UPS's mistake so I told her I would try to get them to put the claim through.

I called again to complain and the rep kept repeating the same thing over and over, that the account holder had to call and authorize the claim and they could do nothing without their permission. I asked to speak to someone higher up and he just repeated over and over that they also would not be able to do anything. He would NOT put me through to his manager. After several minutes of him repeating himself I just hung up because I was clearly getting nowhere. I then complained on the UPS facebook page and they had me email them with the problem. I explained the situation and received the same *** canned response that the phone reps had been repeating to me. I responded telling them to escalate this to someone higher up because I was tired of them jerking me around. They never sent a response and I have not heard anything from anyone higher up.

UPS is completely incompetent. The seller and I did everything right when shipping the item and UPS made idiotic mistakes at every step of the process. However, they want shippers to jump through their hoops to get the claim processed when they are the ones who *** everything up. It blows my mind because the seller paid for overnight shipping and you would think that when someone pays their outrageous overnight shipping prices that they would take a bit more care when labeling and delivering the package.

USPS may be a bit slower and you would think a government agency would be full of complete idiots but apparently that honor goes to UPS. Way to go!

(The seller did end up sending me my money back because she felt so bad. She is the one who ultimately got *** over. I felt terrible about the situation so I sent her some homemade cookies as a thank you for being so wonderful.)

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Hey ***,

Perhaps you might want to read the whole complaint. The seller was willing to file the claim but because she wasn't the listed account holder they would not allow her to do so.

But they have no problem letting her use the account?

That makes no sense. Also, the claim policy has nothing to do with the employee incompetence that led to my parcel being lost in the first place.

Richardson, Texas, United States #809980

The Account Holder is the one who pays the bill. Any refund goes to that person, you get your refund from him.

No Different than using a Friends Credit Card to make a purchase, then taking the purchase back and demanding the store give YOU cash!

I figured this out in the second paragraph.

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