I have never once in my adult life received a package on the day I pay for much less the day ups tracking says. I ordered a new phone, and chose to pay extra for 2nd day air, ups showed my package in a city less than 30 minutes away, they then moved it to downtown Dallas almost an hour further away, and halfway through the day, approx 7 hours later as I'm leaving late for work hoping to avoid the *** driver who refuses to leave packages and leaves notices instead, the tracking info says unexpectected exception, delayed at least one delivery day...

Why in the living f#@k do I pay for quick shipping if I have to wait ground shipping times??????? Customer service was very nice.. But they can't do a *** thing, which makes them pointless to have on staff. Ups let's their drivers decide when they want to leave packages, this is complete and utter bull $#1t.

If I requested that I want you to leave the package, that is what I want you to do!!! And don't offer a second day air service if you can't provide. Holidays are not an excuse, ups has been through enough holidays and is suposively the logistic expert, so if you can't meet 2day air orders, pull the option. Do not offer it.

And make it clear it won't happen. Corporations should stop using ups and I will never on purpose unless I don't give a flying f+$-@ how many months it takes to deliver my packages, use this *** service again. This was the last straw, and the pos company didn't deserve another chance. Google can't refund me because it wasn't their fault and ups won't because they didn't process my payment.

I wish ups would get with the times, and quit pushing 20+ year old services as new and innovative. Just deliver the god d@mn packages.

You have one job and you failed worse than the Hindenburg. ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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