I paid $20 to have something shipped GUARANTEE 3 DAY. I ordered on monday and was sent out to UPS on that same day.

I should've gotten it by thursday right? Wrong. It has been sitting at one of their facilities in California for a week. I needed that item for a birthday gift on Saturday and didn't happen.

Eventually the item came on Wednesday (week a half) and the box was dented. I opened it to see my item cracked (btw this is a gaming keyboard), the imprint where the dent was managed to crack the 2" styrofoam and break my keyboard. It didn't even turn on. I call CS and complained, and they told me the item still got there and they aren't liable for damages to the item if it is fragile.

A keyboard isn't fragile and if 2" thick styrofoam couldn't protect it, no one can. Needless to say, I had to call the company I bought it from and issue a RMA.

What really grinds my gears is that I paid $20 to have something ship (item is only 3lbs) GUARANTEE 3 DAY, and it shows up a week and a half later broken.

There was an option for ground (4-5 day) which would've made it on time, but I opted for the more expensive just in case. Without regards, I will be using FedEx from now on since they actually deliver on time.

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