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Pissed off at UPS...............In the past 2 wk 2 different companies have sent packages using UPS, UPS left info notices on different apartment doors than what was on the mailing address, the person was nice enough to give me the notices only it was too late to get packages, when I called the customer service line for UPS, it stated that I would have 5 days from 3rd attempt to collect package from local office,I still had time. I could not find a phone number for the office so I talk to a UPS Store they stated that the office in Bozeman MT does not practice the 5 day pickup rule, once the 3rd attempt has been made they immediately send the packages back.

How am I suppose to get a package when I don't know it is even here? I work 11-7 so I am home by 0730 and am a light sleeper so if they attempted to make a delivery (rung doorbell or knock on door) I would have been home to get package. I have to buy different things off the internet because this is a small town and does not have a lot of things in stores, and I want settle.

This is to all companies that use UPS I will not be ordering things from you because I can't get my packages, I have had no problem getting things from the good old United States Postal Service, so companies that use them will be getting my money from now on. I filled a complaint with UPS web site I don't expect anything to come of it they will just make excuses, so here I am pissed off and no packages.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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