I ordered 4 wheels from tirerack.com . The wheels are shipped in individual boxes, with the individual boxes then put into bigger boxes with 2 wheels in each bigger box.

The two boxes left the tirerack facility at the same time, but something happened to one of the boxes along the way to cause a problem with the delivery. When the second package arrived, it was just one of the wheels in the "inside", individual box -- the second wheel and the larger box were not delivered. The smaller inside box with that one wheel had a label on it. When I called UPS to find out what happened, they said that when items are damaged they "repackage" them.

That's a dubious choice of a word, since in this case all they did was take the one wheel/individual box out, put a label on it and ship it on. They should call this unpackaging since that's exactly what occurred. More importantly, this inside box and was damaged and the wheel inside was scratched. And, as far as I know (because UPS doesn't have the information available in real time when an incident like this happens), they did not contact tirerack.com as soon as the problem occurred.

I didn't find out about the extent of the problem until the delivery was made and I had time to look at the package afterward.

The way UPS handles problem shipments is a problem -- extremely poor. They do an "investigation" after thefact instead of doing do in real time and noting the results in the account and initiating action to contact the shipper/end user.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Account.

Monetary Loss: $580.

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