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I sold an explosion proof heater to a guy on ebay for $600 and shipped it via UPS package. I was pushing the weight limit but got it under the max weight allowed. This thing was well built. I paid $142.00 for shipping. It showed up in NJ badly damaged. Like $1,200 worth of damage. I had refunded the money and had it shipped back. The replacement cost of the unit was $3,500, repair cost was $1,200 and actual cost was $600. This was the first package I had shipped that was worth over $100, so I didn't know I should claim anything or add insurance. I jumped through the claims hoops and found the proof I needed. In the end I got my shipping charges refunded and $100. I find it ridiculous you can pay for something to be shipped by a company and have it damaged while in their possession and get shafted for not paying for extra protection, when I thought thats what I was paying for to begin with. Here is an excerpt from their website on the values side of things:

"Integrity - It is the core of who we are and all we do.

Service - Serving the needs of our customers and communities is central to our success.

Quality and Efficiency-We remain constructively dissatisfied in our pursuit of excellence."

Lets pick this apart. Integrity? If you broke it, you fix it, the right way. Service? What a joke. I was told sorry. Great service? Not in my book. Quality? Maybe if my package showed up ithe way I left it with them. All in all, won't be shipping with them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Of course, it was only worth more than $100 when it got damaged.

On the other side, folks will take a $50 item, declare it for $500 and scream on here that they did not get their $500, by acceting it with a declared $500, UPS should pay the $500.

Fairfield, California, United States #748247
The original poster here dances around the fact, but never comes right out and says it; he didn't purchase the correct amount of insurance. The primary reason is to save $; since they charge the sender based on the value that the sender declares.

This person declared a $100 value to lie and save money. Then he packaged his box very poorly. If a box is properly packaged; it will be able to sustain a 10' drop onto concrete.

If it cannot; then you did not package it properly. Sorry, too bad, so sad, :cry :cry :cry :cry
to cry now that u read this Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States #748361
No dancing. You're right, I didn't purchase the correct amount of insurance.

I admitted this to UPS when I spoke with them. I simply find it odd one would need to when they should be taking responsibility for it when they take possession of the item. If I had purchased the extra insurance, would they have taken better care of it? Why would they not take the same care with each package?

and if THEY damage it, why would THEY not make it right? If a friend lent you something, you broke it, would you not fix it? And in regards to "This person declared a $100 value to lie and save money." I realize the mind makes shortcuts, however simple minds make the shortest, proven by this erroneous remark of yours, and this was actually not the case at all.

The purchaser paid the S&H on this item and so shipping cost was of no relevance to me. :)
Atlanta, Georgia, United States #748220

Your item was automatically covered for $100. UPS does not usually investigate claims for that amount.

It does not mean your item was properly packed. They will pay the $100 rather than send someone to investigate. Since it was damaged it probably was not. Again check on the website or a UPS Store.

My name is of no relevance. I do not work for UPS but have been in the shipping business a while.

I just try to get the word out that the tools are out there for successful shipping if people use them. I know it means nothing, but I am sorry your shipment was damaged.

to Anonymous Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States #748355

I actually thank you for the empathy. I did want feedback as the ways to prevent this in the future.

The thing that struck me odd was the final setences you included of, "Oh yeah, IF you had purchased extra value coverage."I didn't know" is not acceptable." That struck me as "an attack", if you will. I do appreciate the helpful information regarding the situation and how to prevent it in the future.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #747828

Was your item properly packed? Not how well you think it was packed, but according to carrier guidelines.

These can be found on UPS, FedEx, or any other carrier's website. If your item was properly packed your claim would have been paid. Oh yeah, IF you had purchased extra value coverage.

"I didn't know" is not acceptable.

to Anonymous Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States #748157

Anonymous? Really?

It was packaged properly. If you read the comment, the claim was paid. However, it wasn't paid for the actual value of the item, which was the "cheapest" way for UPS to get out of it. I realize "I didn't know" isn't a reasonable excuse on my end, but is them damaging a package in their possesion and then telling me, due to the fact I didnt pay extra coverage, it was my fault?

is that acceptable?

Also, I find it funny you're posting is anonymous. If you believe the BS spilling forth from your mouth, stand behind it.

to wpalaniz Fairfield, California, United States #748250
Angry people always want names, numbers, and addresses so they can come physically attack you. Else they wouldn't need to know and it would make no difference.

Prove me wrong.

:x :x

The only people who demand names, location, etc, do NOT want a level playing field like anonymity. Fairness isn't in their game plan.
to duh Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States #748352
Actually I feel cowards hide behind anonymity. As a grown man, or woman, you should be able to stand behind the words you speak, if you choose to speak them.

I can't say I've ever physically attacked anyone. I have been known to engage in a battle of wits however. I encourage a "level playing field", sadly, as I think is being proven by yourself, people cling to excuses and anonymity to hide their lack of A. Knowledge of the situation and B.


Prove me wrong. :grin

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