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Ill try to keep this as short as possible:

Paid for 2nd day delivery.

On the day package was to be delivered, I was watching the status.

Status changes to "Delivered. Location: "Other - released".

I call home and ask my wife if she received it. No, no one rang the bell or knocked on the door, no package in sight.

I contact UPS and am told the package was delivered and signed for at the correct address.

I ask who signed for it. Response "I cant tell you that sir"

I ask what "Other -released" Means. Response: "That means it was delivered to your door" (Bull!)

UPS tells me I HAVE to contact the shipper to start a "Tracer" on the package. I do so.

Trace takes about 9 days. On day 9, someone shows up to look around the front door. Seriously? You think we were stepping over the package for over a week? We are asked to sign a document stating we didnt receive the package.

During this time, the UPS customer "service" team simply treats me like a criminal running some sort of fraud ring.

At no time was I ever told who signed for the package or where it was delivered.

Someone else posted their concern about there being a theft ring within UPS and I completely agree. I was lied to by multiple UPS employees. Googling the term "Other released" indicates this is the status they use when a package "disappears" while in the driver's possession, because every instance of it indicates that UPS claims it was delivered to the right address, but the recipient cannot find it anywhere. (In the past, UPS has always said either "left at door" or "left at neighbor" with an address. "Other-released" seems to mean it was "released" into the driver's possession.

Looking at their FB page and seeing the hundreds of lost package complaints really says to be something is VERY VERY wrong with UPS. I myself am positive there is a blind eye being turned to driver theft.

UPS has horrendous customer service. All their representatives do is repeat the script they have been given.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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other means a million different things, it could mean deck, side door, under the mat, in a paper box, under the grill cover but it definitly doesn't mean a signature was received. If a signature was received it would say signature rec'd.

Usually they would have sent the driver back to the house that day, this time of year there is seasonal help, its possible they del.

to a neighbor, sending them back that day helps resolve the issue better then 9 days later. And fyi the 9 days isnt when the tracer was opened, that was the next day, it remains opened for 9days.

@just the facts

No, here are the "facts".

When they leave it on the deck, side door, under the mat, in a paper box, under a grill cover the tracking will say "left on the deck, side door, etc, etc".

I was told BY UPS that they had a signature for the package and that it had been delivered.

If you had bothered to read closely, you would realize that I said it took 9 days from when the tracer was opened from when they finally bothered to do anything at all. Reading comprehension is a magnificent thing.

All one has to do is read through the comments on the UPS facebook page to realize UPS is broken and is hiding driver theft like the Catholic church hid priests' "activities"


We had to ship my wife's wedding ring. Insurance for $10k was purchased. UPS lost the package, is admitting that they lost the package, but is refusing to pay the claim without appraisal paperwork that we no longer have


Just because you claim the contents are worth $10,000 does not mean you will get that.

You have to PROVE it is worth that much.

I could not ship a box of paper clips and buy coverage for thousands of $ on it and expect to get that much unless I could show they were somehow worth that much.


You're commenting on a two-year old post? WTF?

Hi UPS! Why dont you work on your service instead of paying trolls to scour the internet???


Carriers are now only limited to tariff rules. $1 a pound, is all I got for a 300 pound commercial soft serve ice cream machine, that I sold on eBay for $2500.00 and they only paid $300.i sold it for financial hardship gain and lost ability to pay bills after being unemployed.

Gets worse, I became homeless and went to arbitration to settle the matter, ups opted for a clause that lets them write a letter wanting claim to be handled in small claims court. This is a year old and want what is fair and just, but now I have to file a civil suit. Can't afford filing or afford an attorney. Ups hides behind things that we don't understand like tariffs and lost a crated 300lb.

Item that can't just disappear. This means that valuable items can disappear and they only pay $1 a pound...is their anything else I can do?..."I l

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