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This package was originally scheduled to be delivered today the 24th. Who knows when it's supposed to get here.

I got an email from you UPS saying this, "We have not yet received the package from the shipper, so it will not be delivered as originally scheduled etc, etc." I called the company I ordered from and they were pretty upset because UPS told others the same thing even though they already did send the package to you. The company said that UPS had mechanical issues with a plane and it didn't depart today. That's pretty pathetic that UPS is lying about a problem they are having and making other companies look bad. After this I am viewing UPS with a terrible reputation and lack of trust.

I had an issue earlier this month as well at the Mesquite UPS facility where my package sat there for a week. Hopefully companies and online sites stop using UPS because it has gotten really bad.

I know for a fact I won't be using them anymore. Really glad I shipped some presents with Fedex and had no issues.

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