I'm expecting a package but never received.Worst thing was they placed a comment on the tracking system that I received a notice and made an arrangement to pick-up the package from one of their nearest locations.

I stayed all day in my apartment waiting for package to arrive and UPS never showed up, did not receive any notice and I did not make any arrangement to pick up the 37lbs. package because I have back problem and I don't drive.I have no idea how they make up false comments in the tracking section.I complained to UPS almost every week and wrote a letter to customer services but all they did was listen and did nothing.

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Same here. My hubby was home all day and my tracking said they left it at the front door!

If you saw my neighborhood, you would never leave an unattended package at my front door. I am two steps from the sidewalk, on a busy boulevard with a visitor parking lot about three steps from my door. I have two little steps leading up to my front door, with no landing area. I have absolutely NO place with which to conceal a package. I wish I could post a picture. Now, would you leave a package in this circumstance at any time, let alone at 1 in the afternoon?

It's all about fraud.


UPS are liars and once they know that your package is heavy and living in a higher floor apartment, they don't bother to deliver but make up false comments.

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