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I ordered a wii u late wednesday night and got 1 day shipping. The package got to my city late thursday night and was 'out for delivery' all day friday.

Of course, it wasn't delivered for some reason. It wasn't even attempted. The tracking updated to show that it wouldn't be delivered until monday. Nobody will be at my house from 2:30-5 monday because I have to work at 3 and nobody else gets home until 5.

I don't know if it requires a signature, but if it doesn't and they just leave it on my front porch it'll probably get stolen since I'm in a pretty bad neighborhood. If it does require one, then I bet they'll attempt the delivery while nobody is home, because I mean, of course.

There's kind of a reason I ordered one day shipping... I guess this is what I get for depending on piece of *** employees who don't care about their job instead of just buying it in a store.

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I ordered an item worth 250 $, paid for 3 day express from China. They'd gotten my address wrong, (even though used PayPal), ups said they fix it and send it out. Just to make sure, I put the correct address on site (which didn't register).

Got a call Saturday from local hub saying because of exception

They'd deliver. Again I state my address ; ask if he got it.

Only to never recieve pkg. And! There false info on website w tracking sauing: delivered. Absolutely appalling. Now they ignore me and lie to sender. No they don't care at all. :cry

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