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One great thing about mobile phones, is the reliability with which they record calls - even missed ones - so there's never any doubt if someone is trying to contact you.

My cell is the phone I use for my front door buzzer which allows me to open the apartment building door from ANYWHERE in the world. My apartment number is clearly marked outside the building with the buzzer code right beside it - impossible to miss - but since the driver also wrote the number on the delivery slip, it's clear he was aware of it. (I'm also not impressed that the time the parcel arrived is not recorded on the delivery slip.)

So I was keeping my eye on my phone yesterday while out at a meeting in case the delivery came, whereupon I would buzz the door open for the UPS person and ask them to leave the package inside the building. No call came. But my package did and then left again immediately leaving a message tucked so cunningly out of sight that I didn't discover it until this afternoon, well past the time when UPS closes on Saturday - and of course they're closed all day tomorrow.

I'm sure everyone has said this a million times before but no, it is NOT convenient for me to come pick up my parcel at some office miles from where I live. I have no car, so taking the time out to negotiate my way by public transit to some inconveniently located UPS office to pick up a package for which there is no excuse for its non-delivery, is not the way I was planning to spent the better part of Monday afternoon.

I would like to know if UPS is interested in coming up with some sort of solution or apology, but quite frankly I 'm not holding my breath. A company that operates in this fashion isn't likely to care very much about its customers.

Jane Wilson

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