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On Oct 7th I went into an independently owned UPS store, with a package that was 12x12x18, I explained that I wanted to make sure it was delivered the following day and that the package was to be left at the door as the recipient was not going to be at the address. I was assured there would be no problems with my request as I was not asking for a signature and that there was no insurance placed on the package, I also had to sign a waiver along with other papers. Now here is where my frustration and issue starts. On the 8th, I check the tracking to learn that it has been taken back to the facility for redelivery, I call the 800 number UPS has to find out why my instructions were not carried out. Here in starts the run around, I get a supervisor on the phone and he states that he will ensure the delivery center where the package is delivered to will call me the next day, 9th. This supervisor at the same time keeps saying throughout the conversation it is up to the drivers discretion he repeated this statement four or five times, regardless of the instructions that I had given the UPS store. Secondly on the 9th when I call to follow up I call the 800 number and the rep that answers says there are no notes in regards to my tracking number. So again I ask for a Supervisor and this one is out of Utah and he basically says the same thing it is drivers discretion, he did in turn give me the number for the delivery route supervisor who I called and again was told it was drivers discretion and that it was UPS policy to not leave packages at apartments and so forth. When I told the Route Supervisor I wanted the package delivered and left at location I get told I have to fax a waiver to them. Why did I pay to use their service?

Here is the copy of the tracking information:

West Columbia, SC, United States 10/08/2013 6:40 P.M. Destination Scan

10/08/2013 5:55 P.M. The customer was not available on the 1st attempt. A 2nd attempt will be made.

West Columbia, SC, United States 10/07/2013 11:24 P.M. Arrival Scan

Summerville, SC, United States 10/07/2013 9:46 P.M. Departure Scan

10/07/2013 7:20 P.M. Origin Scan

United States 10/07/2013 6:01 P.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS

Now according to UPS TARIFF UPGF 102-G which has an effective date of June 10, 2013

Item 750


When Shipper or owner has made written arrangements with Carrier, freight consigned to construction sites (or other places where no representative of the Consignee is present or available to receipt for the shipment) will be delivered and unloaded and left unattended at the place designated. Carrier will unload the shipment providing the rules or rates do not specifically require the Consignee to perform the service. Carrier will not be responsible for any loss or damage after delivery has been made or for any damage to the freight, property or personal injury arising out of acts or omissions after delivery was completed. .

And Item 753



Before attempting pickup or delivery at a Private Residence, Carrier will determine that its equipment may legally operate in the municipality or locality, subject to existing zoning, weight, and height restrictions of commercial vehicles


If pickup or delivery to the particular Private Residence is allowed then before attempting pickup or delivery at the Private Residence, Carrier must reach agreement with the Consignor or Consignee regarding the date and approximate time of such pickup or delivery. This arrangement for pickup or delivery shall be made before pickup, or tender of delivery is initially attempted, and shall include at least the following:


Delivery will be made to the building ground floor entrance, garage entrance or carport for the consignee.


The shipment may be delivered to the address on the bill of lading or may be picked up by the consignee at Carrier’s terminal


Carrier’s next delivery schedule for the delivery area and the delivery requirements, including:


The shipment weight, number of packages and payment requirements


Additional services that may be available and the respective charges, including delivery to positions not immediately adjacent to Carrier’s vehicle (Item 566) and Lift Gate services (Item 892).


When Carrier is requested or required to arrange for pick-up or delivery service at a Private Residence a separate additional charge of $107.00 will apply (see Note).


In the case of delivery, the charge in paragraph 2 will include an initial notification to make delivery arrangements. Any additional notifications will be subject to the provisions of Item 647 and assessed to the party requiring the additional notice.


Unless the bill of lading is specifically endorsed to show prepayment of these charges, they will be collected from the party who authorized the additional services or the party responsible for the payment of the freight charges. On shipments moving on Government Bills of Lading the charges will be collected from the U.S. Government.


If a shipment cannot be delivered, Carrier will make a diligent effort to notify the Consignor promptly that the shipment is in storage and the reason therefor.

I know this is lengthy but not once does it say driver has discretion on delivery, nor was I eve r notified of delivery not being able to take place as instructed and paid for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Vehicle Driver.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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At least your package finally made it, and wasn't "Absorbed" somewhere along the lines internally, like so many others...


I can definitely understand your frustration, but there is a simple fix. Once the package is finally delivered, go to the UPS Store where you sent it and ask for a refund. You should get a check from UPS in about a week.


Actually UPS called me back on Wed and did several things, one they made sure the driver was going to leave the package regardless of anyone there to sign or not as originally instructed, the emailed me directly and notified me of the package being delivered and the are giving me a refund not only for the shipping but for the packaging fee as well. I told UPS that when a shipper gives instructions to leave a package at a location regardless of the risk the driver should follow the instructions.

They are going to send recommendation up to the higher ups to find a way to ensure a way that if a customer states leave it regardless, the drivers will have to leave a package.