I have a package sitting in a UPS facility since Dec. 5th not 10 minutes from my house that has not been delivered.

First it was put on a wrong truck "Out for Delivery", then left twice in a UPS facility with delivery rescheduled twice. Then it was missed at the UPS facility as of yesterday. Finally I had to call the corporate complaint line this morning to have this further investigated.

A word to the wise, contact your vendor and have your shipping fees refunded if your package does not arrive. Make them aware that UPS is not the way to go for package delivery.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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If UPS is only ten minutes from your home.Why did you not just go pick up your package youself?I use UPS a lot and Have never had a problem with delivery.Most of the time my packages arrive earlier than stated.I do not see the complaint here.All i see is someone that has nothing to do on their hands but sit on their behind and Try to cause others problems.

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It is nice that you live such a unblemished life; but,for the rest of us, I, for one have bragged about how good UPS is, but, in the past couple of weeks it is like witnessing the meltdown of a company. They now seem to take advantage of weather etc. to NOT DO THEIR JOB. There have been no major weather issues that have taken a week for the rest of the U.S. to recover from, yet, they claim a small 24hr weather delay is causing MAJOR back-ups. Then theyshut down CHAT and don't answer the telephone. WHen I finally did get someone on the telephone the call is cut off, especially, if you ask for a supervisor.


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