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I ordered an item online and paid for expedited shipping. The seller used UPS as the shipper.

In less than 24 hours the package went from Seattle, WA, to Portland, OR, to Spokane, WA, to Dallas/Ft. Worth airport. It "died" there, because of "inclement weather" - we had overnight snow Wednesday, most of which melted by Thursday afternoon, and ALL GONE by lunchtime yesterday (Friday). It is now almost noon on Saturday, and after sitting on hold for @ 20 minutes, then told I would have to speaker to a "supervisor" to open some kind of search for the package, CUT OFF while on hold for supervisor and spend 20 more minutes on hold; told by next live person that an exception has been filed on my package so NO search can be initiated for it!

No answer as to why the first rep told me the supervisor story when it's not true, and we will get to your package eventually, so keep checking for tracking updates.

The only "updates" to my package for 3 days has been poor excuses/reasons as to where it is or why it isn't being handled. Not the first time I've had this issue with UPS and I am disappointed the shipper used them with my money paying for it. UPS had no problem delivering a package to my house yesterday (Friday) that was delayed from Thursday delivery.

It arrived in Dallas on Wednesday - like the one that is "somewhere" in the Dallas area and they make excuses for - and it arrived ONE Day late, which I get because of Thursday's weather. I DON'T GET why the the other package is a mystery and MIGHT show up on Monday 3 days plus late.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

UPS Pros: Tracking tool.

UPS Cons: Poor customer service, Delivery.

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same for me, a 2nd day air pkg currently sitting in Dallas for "inclement weather".. supposed to be delivered Friday.

No updates in a couple days online and no one at UPS has a clue. this is 4th pkg in 3 months delayed for bogus reasons.


Same. Only my shipments were out of LA and Memphis, neither of which had a cloud in the sky when I checked their weather reports for the times that my orders were meant to be in transit.