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I ordered a Christmas present with 'guaranteed' smartpost delivery. It should have arrived 3 days ago.

I understand there was a weather delay, however I have had items shipped to the SAME ADDRESS that were shipped later than this package that have arrived. They are leaving this package to rot on a trailer in their yard. Since it is a smartpost, it won't even move when they say it does; it will go to our 'ever competent, reliable' Post Office to lose (my USPS tracking number says it was delivered in July, but I digress), I mean deliver, after UPS finally decides to unload it. To top it off, every time I try to talk to UPS, I get a call center in India; your name is not "Alex" jerkoff.

This is reprehensible; the fact that UPS is receiving government (i.e.

taxpayer) money to be this god awful is disgusting. Tell you what, how about you deliver all of the Christmas bonuses and paychecks to all of the UPS execs through their service and see how they like it.

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #760256

Sounds like you are quite confused!

UPS does not get any money from the gov't.

If you were speaking of the Post Office, my understanding is that THEY do get $ from the gov't.

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